RxPeditionRxPedition is an interactive drug development serious game designed to teach pharmacy students about the process of bringing a drug candidate to market. Class is divided into several groups and each group plays a role of a small pharmaceutical company. Each group is tasked with identifying a disease state / indication of interest, exploring the preclinical phase, designing clinical trials, providing press releases at critical milestones, presenting results to the FDA for continued approval, and finally developing a drug label. [Project page]


ScopingSimScopingSim is a medical simulator project currently being designed and developed by undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences (SIS). We are creating an inexpensive modular scoping simulator based on the low-cost Raspberry PI computing platform, Arduino open-source hardware, and a variety of open-source sensors. Our team is working to develop ScopingSim into a modular application that will integrate a web-based simulation authoring software with physical components based on inexpensive off-the-shelf sensors. The final implementation will support endoscopy, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy simulation, allowing educational and medical institutions to take advantage of cost-effective high-fidelity training opportunities. [Project page]



ADMIT is a software application developed to assist the graduate admissions process at the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences (SIS).  ADMIT uses a Bayesian network model built from historical admissions data and academic performance records to predict how likely each applicant is to succeed. The system rank-orders applicants based on the probability of their success in the Master of Science in Information Science (MSIS) program and presents results as an ordered list and as a histogram to the admission committee members.  The system also enables users to see a graphical representation of the model (a causal graph) and observe how each input data point affects the system’s suggestions.


Dental Pathology TutorSherlock Oral Diagnosis – It’s anything but elementary my dear students is a multilevel game designed to allow students to practice and test their skills in oral diagnosis, particularly in the areas of oral pathology and oral radiology.  Students using the practice mode can select areas to focus on and numbers of questions to challenge.  The questions integrate clinical, radiographic, and histologic images.  In the lower levels, students can use hints to improve their success.  The question styles vary across the levels, ranging from selecting the correct diagnosis, to selecting multiple correct diagnoses, to matching lesions and diagnoses.  A leader board promotes friendly competition amongst classmates.


SlideTutorSlideTutor is a new kind of medical educational system that provides a virtual apprenticeship: (1) simulated environment for learning accurate pathologic diagnosis and reporting (2) can be used by pathology residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists (3) uses “virtual slides” that you can examine just as you would look at cases under your microscope (4) provides space for you to describe what you are seeing and deciding, as well as space to type your report (5) monitors your work, and steps in with helpful explanations if you make a mistake (6) gives advice when you need help (7) keeps track of how you are learning, and adapts its’ interaction to fit your specific educational needs
[Project page]

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