Publications & Presentations

  • Dmitriy Babichenko, Lorin Grieve, Jonathan Velez, Kailani Bailey, Morgan Freeman, Taylor Wynn, John Lutz, Deborah Farkas, Phillip Lamberty. Beyond the Scope: Using Motion Capture Data from Bronchoscopy Simulations to Build Feedback Models. In IConference 2018 Proceedings, Sheffield, England, UK. 2018
  • R. Patel. Embarking on an RxPedition: A Serious Game for Drug Development.  IMSH, Society for Simulation in Healthcare.  Los Angeles, CA. 2018.
  • Dmitriy Babichenko, Marek J. Druzdzel, J.B. McGee. Moving Beyond Branching: Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Patients. MedBiquitous Annual Conference, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 2017
  • Jonathan E. Velez, Taylor M. Neal, Dmitriy Babichenko, Rae-Djamaal Wallace, James McCray, Sean C. Jenkins, Adayshia Haddock, Akisha Jordan. “Leveraging Social Media to Generate Narrative for Virtual Patient Simulations.” in IConference 2017 Proceedings, Wuhan, China, 2017.
  • D. Babichenko, L. Grieve, J. Velez. To Scope or Not To Scope: Challenges of Gamifying Clinical Procedures Training. Serious Play Conference, Washington, DC. 2017
  • L. Grieve, R. Patel. RxPedition: A Serious Game for Drug Development. European Conference on Games Based Learning, Glasgow, Scotland. 2016.
  • L. Grieve, R. Patel “RxPedition: A Serious Game for Drug Discovery.”, Finalist, International Competition on Educational Games, European Conference on Game-Based Learning. October 2016.
  • D. Babichenko, M. Druzdzel, L. Grieve, R. Patel, J. Velez, T. Neal, J. McCray, R.-D. Wallace, and S. Jenkins, “Designing the Model Patient: Data-Driven Virtual Patients in Medical Education,” in Proceedings of IEEE SeGAH 2016 4th International Conference on Serious Games and Applications for Health, 2016.
  • L. Grieve “Going on an RxPedition”, Oral Presentation, First Annual MedEd Conference, University of Pittsburgh. September 2016
  • Bilodeau E., Potluri A., Babichenko D. Gamification of Oral Diagnosis – A Technology Enhanced Learning Experience. First Annual MedEd Conference, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. September 2016
  • D. Babichenko. Health Sciences Education Through Collaborative Multiplayer Games. Integrative Conference on Technology, Social Media, and Behavioral Health, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. May 2, 2016
  • L. Grieve, D. Babichenko. Doing More with Less: Gameful Design to Enhance Engagement. Summer Instructional Development Institute, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. May 3, 2016

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